International Congress on Transposable Elements

25-28 Apr 2020 Saint-Malo France

virtual ICTE2020

every two weeks on Tuesday at 6:00 pm (French/CEST time)

datespeakertitlechairlink for registration
sept-08 Vera Gorbunova LINE1 elements, new drivers of aging Gaël Cristofari
sept-22 Andrea Betancourt Transposable element evolution in Drosophila Cristina Vieira-Heddi
oct-13 Jose Tubio The impact of mobile elements in cancer origin and development Nicolas Gilbert
oct-27 Julius Brennecke provisional: Molecular strategies in small RNA mediated transposon control tbd
nov-10 David Ray provisional: Large Scale TE Analyses Across Clades and the Potential for TE Natural History Studies tbd
nov-24 Kaz Mochizuki provisional: Small RNA-directed transposon identification and genome rearrangement in Tetrahymena tbd
dec-15 Keith Slokin provisional: The Initiation of TE Silencing in Plants tbd
jan-12 Maria Costa provisional: The Remarkable Versatility of Group II Intron Retrotransposons tbd
jan-26 David Bikard provisional: Silencing Genes with dCas9: A Story of Fine-Tuned Control, High-Throughput Screens and Surprising Toxicity tbd
feb-9 Joan Curcio provisional: Dangerous liaison: retrotransposon activity and asymmetric cell division tbd
feb-23 Alyson Muotri provisional: The impact of L1 retrotransposons on human neurodevelopment tbd
mar-9 Josefa Gonzalez provisional: Transposable elements in adaptive evolution: from case studies to general trends tbd
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