International Congress on Transposable Elements

25-28 Apr 2020 Saint-Malo France

virtual ICTE2020

Once a month, one Tuesday at 6:00 pm. (French/CEST time)

Link to the recorded conference ("video") will be available for 4 weeks after the presentation date.

Upcoming seminars

date speaker title chair
Mai-10-2022 Sarah Schaack Engines of Change? The Mutagenic Potential of Transposable Elements Compared to Other Categories of Spontaneous Mutation Jean-Nicolas Volff -- video

Previous seminars

date speaker title chair
Sept-8-2020 Vera Gorbunova LINE1 elements, new drivers of aging Gaël Cristofari
Sept-22-2020 Andrea Betancourt Transposable element evolution in Drosophila Cristina Vieira-Heddi
Oct-13-2020 Jose Tubio The impact of mobile elements in cancer origin and development Nicolas Gilbert
Oct-27-2020 Julius Brennecke The transposon-piRNA arms race in Drosophila Séverine Chambeyron
Nov-10-2020 David Ray TE-induced mutations and defense in two non-model mammals Clément Gilbert
Nov-24-2020 Kaz Mochizuki Small RNA-directed transposon identification and genome rearrangement in Tetrahymena Sandra Duharcourt
Dec-15-2020 Keith Slotkin The Initiation of TE Silencing in Plants Sandra Duharcourt
Jan-12-2021 Maria Costa The Remarkable Versatility of Group II Intron Retrotransposons Pascale Lesage
Jan-26-2021 David Bikard Silencing Genes with dCas9: A Story of Fine-Tuned Control, High-Throughput Screens and Surprising Toxicity Orsolya Barabas
Feb-9-2021 Joan Curcio Retrotransposon control of centrosome inheritance links environmental cues to cellular plasticity Pascale Lesage
Feb-23-2021 Alyson Muotri L1 retrotransposition and its impact on the nervous system Gaël Cristofari
Mar-9-2021 Josefa Gonzalez Transposable elements in adaptive evolution: from case studies to general trends Cristina Vieira-Heddi
Apr-6-2021 John V. Moran Studies of a Human Retrotransposon Nicolas Gilbert
May-4-2021 Deborah Bourc'his Marking retrotransposons, from DNA to RNA methylation Sandra Duharcourt
Jul-6-2021 Cédric Feschotte From transposable elements to transcription factors Hadi Quesneville
Sept-21-2021 Helen Rowe Epigenetic regulation of TEs and interferon stimulated genes Emilie Brasset
Oct-12-2021 Olivier Panaud Biological impact of transposition on plant genome Leandro Quadrana
Nov-9-2021 Orsolya Barabas Diverse strategies for broad distribution of antibiotic resistance-carrying conjugative transposons in bacteria Mireille Bétermier
Dec-14-2021 Elisabeth Kellogg Mechanistic studies of CRISPR-associated transposons using cryo-EM Bernard Hallet
Jan-11-2022 Miguel Branco Regulation of placental gene expression by transposable elements Jean-Nicolas Volff
Feb-1-2022 Kathy Burns Transposable elements in Cancer Gael Cristofari
Mar-8-2022 Clément Gilbert Patterns and mechanisms of horizontal transfer of transposable elements in animals Richard Cordaux
Apr-5-2022 Frederique Le Roux Matching defense and counter-defense systems drive phage-bacteria coevolution in natural populations Sophie Payot Lacroix
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